Meet the Artist

Meet the artist behind

Tami Hayden

I started glass work in 2013, growing up with my parents running a decorative glass business @hayden_craft_glass, I was exposed to glass from a very young age. This is where my passion for it was ignited.

I taught myself how to work with tubing and started blowing glass. After hours of practicing, burning myself, racing to emergency rooms and wasting LOADS of glass, I was finally ready to start making functional glass art.  Then last year my fiancé and myself turned vegan and in doing so saw the devastating effects plastic pollution is having on this planet. And I suddenly realized that my glass work could make a real difference in the fight against single-use plastic. I started straight away making glass straws and joined up with the 2 Oceans Aquarium for “Trash Bash” beach cleanups. 

Ever since I have met so many amazing like-minded people that are doing their best to make a difference, no matter how small. 
Follow me on my journey and learn more about this beautifully dynamic medium we call GLASS and how it can be the answer to single-use plastic!

Straws Suck - Lets save our Planet

Let's take responsibility and stop using single-use plastics.
The earth will thank you.

Straws are lightweight and easily blown away by the wind. They are not recyclable. Animals can mistake straws for food, which can lead to their deaths. The easiest way to not use a straw is to refuse it when you order. That way the waiter will bring you a straw-less drink. You might also want to investigate reusable, or paper straws.